• How long it takes to make a video?

    Generally it takes 1-2 minute. But it may take longer depending upon the style you choosed.

  • What is video size limit?

    Currently we are limiting the maximum numbers of photos per video to 30. This will yield maximum of 3 mins of video. Drop us a mail at ineedit@picovico.com if you need beyond this.

  • What is the quality of video?

    We currently serve 360p videos. In other words that a youtube standard quality video.

  • Can I make HD videos?

    Absolutely. But the feature is currently locked. We will unfold it in next few weeks. If you can't wait let us know at ineedit@picovico.com

  • Can I blend my own music into the video?

    Yes. In the music selection step, choose "Select music from computer" and upload your music. We will save the music and will be available only to you. You can use the music later for other videos as well. Alternatively you can delete it, if you don't want us to save the music.

    Make sure you have the right to use the music.

  • I have created a video, but I haven't received any notification?

    If you haven't received the notification email despite waiting reasonably long, please: check your "Spam" folder.

    If you still dont find the mail, notify us at feedback@picovico.com

  • My query is not listed here

    You can contact Picovico Team