What made 2014 your year awesome? Share with a Yearbook video!

Share the best moments of 2014 with a Yearbook video using Picovico

Yearbook Style video slideshow in Picovico

Picovico's Yearbook Style to share best moments of the year that just passed.

After back to back release of two Christmas styles and a Winter Joy style, Picovico is releasing the Yearbook style on the occasion of New Year 2015.

Let’s Picovico this Christmas with beautiful videos!

Convert your Christmas celebration pictures into beautiful videos.

We just launched two brand new video styles designed around Christmas theme. After days of designing, Picovico team brings you Christmas dedicated video styles so that you can share your pictures in an even attractive way this season.

Gift your loved ones a Picovico video this season!


Picovico 2.0 is here!

Introducing you a completely revamped Android app.

We are thrilled to release Picovico 2.0 for Android, the new and improved version of our popular app with the most requested features of all time! Update now.

  • Experience the new Picovico- completely re-imagined for mobile.

Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day
A father’s love matter as much to a child as the mother’s care does. We may call him dad, or old man, or simply father… we may call him by any name in our own dialects, and they all signify the special place he holds in our lives. He can be a daughter’s best buddy and a son’s real life hero. A mother’s care is always protective. She wants us to be forever careful for our own good. But a father’s care can be found to be quite the opposite. He wants us to try new things out, explore, learn by doing… and even if we fall, he will be right there to hold us up, and encourage us to try it out again.

Picovico gets featured in PandoDaily

“They realized they had no option other than to try to provide something different. So Modi and Sapkota worked on making the product as fast as possible, and have now got the video-rendering process down to 15 seconds for a 30-second video. Speed is now Picovico’s chief selling point.”

Google I/O 2013 Extended to be Held in Kathmandu

google io

Every year in San Francisco, Google organizes an event entirely focused on the developer. The event started in 2008 was named as Google I/O where “I” and “O” stand for input/output, and “Innovation in the Open”.

Make this Mother’s Day a memorable one with an equally memorable video

Mothers day

Every mother is so special, for reasons that we cannot count, for times that will keep on coming as long as we live, for she is the most beautiful blessing bestowed upon us. “Mom” always gives tender love, care and warmth. She teaches us the value of life; she makes us know what it means to love and to be loved.

The Most Unique Mother’s Day Gift

Same gift for mother's day

Hah.. Hope this doesn’t happen to you.

Mother’s day is approaching and we all hope to bring the most unique gift for our mothers. But it seems, things doesn’t turn out as we think it to be. Why not try something at which we cannot fail. Infusing your gift with your personality will assure that, won’t it? Do something more thoughtful this time to make her feel special. Create a personalized video of you and your mother that no one else can make. Here are some video ideas to start with:

Picovico at the Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2013

Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2013

Initiated in United States by Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation in March 2009 by bringing together host organizations from about 60 countries, Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2013 is a congregation of innovative minds from various startups ranging across number of disciplines. The event brings together entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, thought leaders and policymakers with the purpose of sharing of ideas, help metamorphose them into reality, advance economic growth and also to celebrate the inspirations and dreams that drive every successful entrepreneur.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Picovico

St. Patrick's dayWhat comes to your mind when we say “St. Patrick’s Day”? – The color green, gold, shamrocks and luck. Dance, music, Irish food and drinks; whatever you do on this day must be fun. Green-gold is the theme, so go green otherwise you will be pinched ;)